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Concealed Intent is a turn-based tactical stealth space combat game. It is available on Steam, Humble Bundle and Itch.io now.

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September 2, 2021 - permalink

Tags: General, DevDiary, ProgressReport

Time for more excuses! The first half of August went very well. I finished extracting a common code library and restarted AHB, but this time it is called SpaceHex Duel (SHD). Yes, thankyou, I do know I have a special way with naming. At the moment the board is set up and I have started work on the pieces. And then things have paused. I had my first Pfizer vaccine does and a bad reaction. Over a week was mostly a write-off. I played the Battletech computer game instead of working (it was on sale at Humble Bundle). I have the next dose soon and fingers crossed that goes better!

I also ran 2 IPO playtests. The simplifications had mixed results. Continuous growth and card choice worked well. Removing auctions and money generation changes did not work so well. Time for version 4!

Over the next month:

  • Work on SHD (and have basic play possible)
  • Create IPO prototype version 4
  • Decide which projects to pursue immediately, and which to put on pause.